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Database Security Is Vital For Any And Every Organization

Research Paper Spencer Zindel Liberty University Online BMIS 325 8/01/2015 Abstract Database security is vital for any and every organization which uses databases. Without proper security, the databases can be breached and the breaches can lead to confidential information being released. This has happened to many organizations whether they are large or small; for example, in the past few years Target and Sony both fell victim to database breaches. To make matters worse both Target and Sony were actually warned about the flaws in their security, but neither took any action to resolve the flaws. Looking into these breaches and how they were handled could lead to designing better databases. Organizations should also look within themselves to assure all employees know good security practices. Simply following regular procedures such as installing antivirus software and firewalls can help create more secure databases. An organization should look at all of their databases to ensure the same top level security is established for all of their databases. Introduction With advances in technology constantly happening, it can be hard to keep up with all of the latest trends. If organizations cannot keep up with the latest trends, it can lead to flaws in their security. Any flaws in security can have a detrimental effect on an organization’s database. Almost every organization has some sort of database, whether it is for maintaining customers, inventory, or vital information.Show MoreRelatedAnnotated Bibliography On Database Security1422 Words   |  6 PagesWhat is a database? According to our book, it’s an organized collection of logically related data. The information collected in a database can be effortlessly administered and accessed. However, with each database there is a concern of security. According to our book, the goal of database security is to protect and prevent data from unintentional or deliberate threats to its integrity and accessibility. The database environment has grown more complex, with distributed databases loc ated on client/serverRead MoreHuffman Trucking Benefits Election System Risks1200 Words   |  5 PagesHuffman Trucking: Benefits Election System Security Lisa M. Gardner CMGT442: Information Systems Risk Management March 19, 2012 Craig McCormick Huffman Trucking: Benefits Election System Huffman Trucking Company has requested a new Benefits Election System to be implemented within the organization. The current benefit packages include medical, dental, and vision plans for employees. For the BenefitRead MoreDistributed Database Issues With Security1344 Words   |  6 Pages Final Research Paper ‘Distributed Database Issues with Security’ Manasa Cuddalore Lawrence Technological University Author Note Manasa Cuddalore (000726927), Department of Computer Science, Lawrence Technological University. This is a final research paper for 4568-Distributive Database Systems (MCS-6323) with instructor Mazin Al Hamando. Abstract Distributed database technologies are an emerging market and bound to have a significant impact on data processing in theRead MoreHuffman Truckings Request for a New Benefits Election System1161 Words   |  5 PagesCompany has requested a new Benefits Election System to be implemented within the organization. The current benefit packages include medical, dental, and vision plans for employees. For the Benefit Election System, employee information and the benefit package they choose are stored and managed on a database system. This can either be a hardcopy paper file or an electronic file. Regardless of the storage method, security measures need to be implemented to protect employees privacy and information asRead MoreSecurity Research Paper1607 Words   |  7 Pages Application: Incorporating Security Into IT Processes ANTHONY RISSI II Walden University Information Assurance and Risk Management 6610 Dr. Habib Khan October 15, 2017 Abstract Implementing a security badge IT system within an existing IT infrastructure is a challenge. The following paper will go over the steps needed to implement security system as it pertains to access control. Application: Incorporating Security Into IT Processes Having a security access control in place within anRead MoreReview Of Tools Of The Trade1483 Words   |  6 PagesReview of Tools of the Trade For a smooth and efficient functioning of the organization’s Information Systems (IS), the hardware management tools play a vital role. Although plentiful hardware management tools and resources are necessary for the trustworthy operation of an Information Technology (IT) infrastructure, however, the tools specifically to manage a firewall and scan a network, and the universally reliable knowledge bases are the three decisive requisites (Davis, Schiller, Wheeler, 2011)Read MoreDoes Outsourcing Data Uphold The Enterprise?1469 Words   |  6 PagesIn a world of increasing automation, companies and organizations with massive amounts of data to manage often find themselves outsourcing their databases. This particular arrangement depends on many factors, such as trustworthiness and reputation. Each business requires different coverage from the outsource provider as well as different costs requirements. Many providers offer cloud based services, in house managed services, near an d offshore and outcome-based consulting. Many companies do not haveRead MoreSecurity Requirements Possible Risks1342 Words   |  6 PagesSecurity Requirements and Possible Risks: Benefits Elections System Angela Nelson CMGT/442 February, 25, 2013 James Summerlin Security Requirements and Possible Risks: Benefits Elections System Huffman Trucking, an established trucking company since 1936, has recently requested the implementation of a new Benefits Elections System to assist management in tracking and reporting the benefits of both union and non-union employees. A database system will be utilized to store critical data suchRead MoreMedical Record Company Network Security Plan1142 Words   |  5 PagesMedical Record Company Network Security Plan For the purpose of securing and implementing a data security plan for a medical record company a lot of prep and thought needs to take place. While developing the plan I considered that it’s not just our company’s data at risk, but also the data of any of our employees and patients, including social security numbers and medical records. I also considered different kinds of security threats, security threats are always evolving so we need to keep on topRead MoreDatabase Security, Recovery And Emergency1391 Words   |  6 PagesAbstract Every part of the given task will incorporate abridging every section of the book named Database Security, 1st Edition, Alfred Basta; Melissa Zgola,Copyright 2012, Cengage Technology on data security which will offer us some assistance with building a manual for arrangements and methodology for keeping the database secured. The center of this task will be on section one which worries about security of data frameworks. The target of this paper is to make report in view of the discoveries

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